Do you want to Transplant mature plants, you can do it if you buy a developed plants from a good nursery where the plant is in good condition. If you are going to buy plant from nursery then make sure that you only choose a good nursery.

Below are some tips for transplant a plant from a plant nursery:

Follow these steps to transplant a plant successfully:

  • The first thing will be, as always, to prepare gardening tools properly. Sterilized pruning shears and a shovel will help the plant not to suffer from complicated wounds, and if you are going to transplant spiny species, such as a rose bush or a cactus, you will need thick gardening or leather gloves to avoid harming yourself with the spines.

  • Before removing the Mature plant from its pot or location should make a general sanitation. Check their leaves and stems and remove those that are dry or in poor condition. Since the plant is going to weaken when you move it, you will appreciate not having to keep sick parts.

  • Choose the target pot. It should always be greater than the previous one, and should be prepared with a suitable substrate. If the pot does not have drainage holes, it is advisable to leave a layer of several centimetres of thick gravel at its base.

  • Extract the plant. If the pot in which the plant was had been too small, you may have difficulty getting it out of there. You can help him by turning the pot and giving slight blows on its sides, or even turn it upside down and carefully hit the edge, always preventing the nursery plant from falling to the ground. If it is outdoors, dig around it to remove the root ball and leaving some distance. You probably have to cut some roots.

  • Loosen the roots of the root ball if they are very tangled or compacted. If it was in a pot too small it is likely that the roots maintain the shape of it, and taking advantage of them to clean them of dirt and untangle them will help the plant to absorb nutrients better in its new space.

  • Place the tree plant in its new location and cover it with substrate until its roots are completely buried. Water it now to moisten the soil and give the plant the water it needs, and leave it for two or three days in a bright area but in which it does not receive direct sunlight. After this adaptation period, you can now put the developed plant in its new definitive location.

Other tips to transplant a plant successfully

It is advisable to water the plant in wholesale plant nursery in Goa a few hours before transplanting it, but you have to avoid flooding it, you just have to moisten the soil. This will help make the soil softer and the root ball more easily.

After a transplant of landscaping plants, you should carefully monitor the response of the plant to its new environment. If it shows signs of weakness or worsening, look for the cause. Sudden variations in humidity, the type of substrate or the amount of light it receives can be fatal for many species.

If the roots of mature plants appear through the drainage holes of the pot, it is a sign that it has become small and it is time to transplant it. In the case of the orchid, which is of aerial roots, you will know that the pot is small when many of these leave in excess of the container.

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