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Shailesh Nursery is a leading horticulture and landscaping expert. Based in Malkapur, Kolhapur, we are passionate horticulturists offering property owners the best quality of plants, gardening accessories, and related products with landscape related services. Supported by an experienced team, we have gained a strong presence across Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa.

We supply developed plants, landscaping varieties, Indigenous and exotic fruit plants, Spices, Rare variety collection and all garden material to Builders and Developers, Hotels and Resorts, Farmers, Industries, Institutions and Government Agencies by providing wide range of size- smallest to biggest, wide range of variety, Bulk Availability Throughout year. We have expertise in Horticulture.

Our USP lies in Our Product Range

Plant Nursery

At Shailesh Nursery, we deal in a wide range of plants and gardening products. Some of these varieties are discussed below for your reference:

Flowering Plants: Considered the largest grouping within the plant kingdom, flowering plants add beauty and life to any home. Keeping in mind the changing preferences of buyers, we have introduced a wide range of varieties such as Barleria Species Alba, Guzmania Fiesta, Hamelia Patens, Euphorbia Geraldii, etc. They have different ecological adaptations and so, to help you take proper care of these plants, we have mentioned the amount of water intake they need to have on a daily basis.

Creepers: Creepers are small, viny plants which grow close to the ground. Our collection of creepers includes plants such as Pertrea Volubilis, Passiflora Caerulea, African Marigold (Yellow) etc. Since climbers and creepers tend to grow vertically in the garden, they help in saving a considerable amount of space. You can use them to offer masses of foliage which cover fence, trees or walls. They will also provide you with a high level of privacy.

Ground Cover Plants: This type of plants play an instrumental role in controlling soil erosion, survive and grow in dry conditions and can act as a blanket on a hillside. So if you intend to enhance the look of your yard, we have an assortment of groundcover plants for you to choose from. From Ruellia Brittoniana and Pilea Cadierei to Asystasia Coromandalina and Cholophtum Orchidastrum, we offer a variety of options which you can use to enhance the look of your backyard.

Foliage Plants: If you are looking for a suitable alternative to flowers in order to beautify your garden, then foliage plants would be the best option for you. Our collection of foliage plants include Eucalyptus Spathulata Red Crest, Herbstii Acuminata, Manihot Esculanta, etc.

Gardening Products

Pruning Secateurs: Designed with precision to help people in their day to day garden maintenance, our range of pruning secateurs will help you to smoothly cut hard branches and twigs of plants. Equipped with a hard tempered steel blade, Leaf Spring System and a brass anvil hardened pruner head; these secateurs are also effective in cutting stems. The presence of a safety lock ensures a high level of safety and convenience to users.

Hedge Shears: The hedge shears which form a part of our collection are manufactured using the best quality of materials and technology. Equipped with an in-built branch cutter, they will help you to cut thick branches effortlessly. The presence of the 3 position blades swivel ensures comparative ease in cutting bushes and hedges from vertical, diagonal and horizontal positions.

Pruning Saws: An ideal tool for cutting lumber, our pruning saws are equipped with a curved blade which helps users to cut thick, curved branches with a high level of precision. To ensure that the one which you opt for provides a satisfactory quality of service, make it a point to clean it after use. Also, ensure that the blade is oiled and sharpened on a daily basis to ensure that it remains suitable for usage.

Gardening is not restricted to grow some plants in your backyard. Rather it is an art of bringing plants to life and nurturing them to add a more natural look to your outdoors.

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Our experienced horticulturists and gardeners work with meticulous precision to ensure that we offer the best quality of plants, gardening accessories, and related products.


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The nursery has 35 acres area.
Shailesh Nursery is a leading horticulture and landscaping expert. Based in Malkapur- Kolhapur, they are passionate horticulturists offering property owners the best quality of plants, gardening accessories, and related products with landscape related services. Supported by an experienced team.
Many exotic and rare plants also present.
> Wide varieties (1500+) of plants having different size available.
> Tools and machinery also available.
> Service and staff good & Supportive.

Chinmay Kulkarni - Kolhapur, Source : Google

Too big, need one full day to understand various plants.

Sachin Vengurlekar, Source : Google

Big collection of various plants and saplings… Must have time to see all the variety here.. Picked up all spice, pepper, cinnamon, pretty reasonable pricing.. Beware!!! don’t go between 1pm-2pm, its lunch time boss and no one moves to assist you.

Sunder Srinivasan, Source : Google

We have purchased mango trees from shailesh nursery 16 years ago. Now these trees are giving fruits more than our expectation. Also fruit quality is very good.

Gorakshanath Kumbhar, Source : Google

Our experienced horticulturists and gardeners work with meticulous precision to ensure that we offer the best quality of plants, gardening accessories, and related products

At Shailesh Nursery, we are deeply passionate about growing plants. Therefore, we provide our customers with an exciting range of plants and plant products to choose from.  From ficus and foliage plants to grasses, rockery and conifers there is no dearth of options for you to choose from.  Since our inception in 1983, we have expanded our product range to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

We provide property owners with gardening equipment like lawnmowers, hedge shears, and pruning saws to help them maintain their gardens. To keep up with the preferences and changing needs of our buyers, we update our inventory on a daily basis. Apart from our traditional mainstays, we also offer new types of garden products to ensure that you derive maximum pleasure nurturing flowers and plants of your choice as a part of your landscaping.

We also offer products such as rockeries, pebbles etc. which are essential for developing garden features such as bridges, arches, pathways, rock gardens, etc. We supply a myriad of indoor and outdoor plants for usage in landscaping apart from materials which are necessary for meeting the needs of plants which are used during landscape projects. We deal in rare varieties, avenue, varieties, exotic fruits, ornamental and indoor plants, etc. Come, give your garden the much-needed makeover it needs with us!

Wholesale Plant Nursery

Shailesh Nursery is a Wholesale Plant Nursery spread over 35 acres, where 1500+ varieties of plants are available throughout year.

Landscaping Plants

When you need landscape plant supplies and trees for your landscaping project, you should work with Shailesh Nursery. We are one of the easiest landscape tree suppliers to work with in the area because we offer delivery services throughout Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. If you need trees, plants and supplies, contact us for a quote.

Readymade Plants

Readymade plants are the small plants that were grown in bigger containers for about 3-4 years up to productive stage with special care (including growing media, nutrients, training and pruning) and attain the compact size and shape. These plants are high quality planting material that establishes well (>95% survival) capable of bearing fruit within one year of planting and highly amenable for High Density Planting.

Plant Nursery in Kolhapur

Located in one of the picturesque parts of Kolhapur district, Shailesh Nursery is well-known for cultivating an exotic range of greens. Under the guidance of Subodh Manohar Bhingdare, we have set numerous landmarks to make a name for ourselves in the horticulture industry.

We commit to give in our level best to make your gardening and landscaping experience a remarkable one. We encourage our customers to share their feedback at all stages so that we can serve you with better products. Supported by our experienced team, we spend a considerable amount of time and effort in R & D to introduce quality products every season. This enables us to offer you with some of the rarest varieties of plants to adore your outdoors.

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We offer Developed Avenue, Developed Plants, Ready-made Plants for Instant Garden, Garden Plants, Fruit Plants, Exotic Fruit Plants, Rare Plants, Vertical Gardens, Artificial Vertical Gardens, and Lawns in our plant nursery

Shailesh Nursery provides Landscaping Services and Gardening Consultancy also

Yes, we do sell gardening accessories like Scissors, Knives, Hedge Shears, Lopping Shear, Pruning Secateurs, Pruning Saws, Ride On Mower Rear Discharge, Ride On Mower Side Discharge, Walk Behind and many more

At our plant nursery, we have had the experience and privilege to create breathtaking outdoor landscaping experience for a variety of businesses, namely Builders and Developers, Five Star Hotels & Resorts, Farm Houses, Highway Plantations, Commercial Fruit Plantations, Institutional Gardens, Industrial Gardens, Farmers, Government and Semi-government Organizations

Yes, we do have mature plants or readymade plants in our plant nursery for sale

Yes, Shailesh Nursery is spread over 35 acre and we have Bulk Availability of almost all variety of nursery plants so we can supply plants for big projects. We have experience of executing big projects

We produce 1500+ varieties of plants in our plant nursery

Yes, we do give guidance about how to take care of plants, how to nurture your garden etc.

Yes, we can transplant mature plants, mature trees, and readymade plants successfully

We produce flowering Plants, Foliage Plants, Big / Tall Avenue Plants, Bamboo Plants, Ficus Plants, Grasses Ground Cover Plants, Bulbous Plants, Creepers, Helicons Plants, Palms, Rockery, Conifer, Cacti & Succulents in our plant nursery